Wednesday Season 2 | Netflix, Release Date & Everything We Know

Wednesday has been really making waves on Netflix since it was released in November 2022 and now we are wondering when Wednesday season 2 is going to be released on the streaming platform, we have done some digging into this we think we’ve come up with information about the show’s second season that you might actually want to hear.

So without any further Ado let’s talk about Wednesday season 2 including its release date, who will return in season 2, and so on.

What Will Happen in Wednesday Season 2?

Season one ended on an interesting note and we expect to watch more of it in the Wednesday style we predict we predict the following things to happen in the next season of Wednesday. Although doubtful we expect the return of the principal, Larissa Weems the principal could still come bank we appreciate the idea that every being has to go through several sacrifices and losses and Wednesday must respond to these things.

Wednesday Season 2 Announcement Video

Wednesday Season 2 Star Cast

In the terms of characters, there are no major deaths at the end of the season other than principals Weems and Joseph crack the stone. I would say that it’s probably safe to assume that all major characters will likely be returning.

Best Shows Like Wednesday On Netflix

If you have seen the Wednesday series and you like it very much and you want to see more like it then you must watch Netflix.

1. Chilling Adventures of Svrina

It is an American supernatural horror Netflix series, first season was released in 2018 and consists of 11 episodes, this tv series is produced by Warner bros.

2. The Midnight Club

The midnight club is a mystery thriller series having only one season which was released on 7 October 2022 on Netflix.

When Could The Wednesday Season 2 Be Released on Netflix?

So with the fact that the second season hasn’t officially been renewed by  Netflix trying to come up with a release date for the show’s second season isn’t easy however what I will say here is that it has it on very good authority that the second season has a very strong chance of being renewed. I have also been told that they are likely to get production on season 2 underway pretty swiftly. I have actually been informed that production on the second season starts in early 2023.

So with all of this in mind, I would expect to see the second season land on Netflix in early 2024. When do you think Wednesday season 2 will premiere share your thoughts in the comments below.

How many episodes are in Wednesday season 1?

There is a total of 8 episodes in Wednesday season one runtime of 47 minutes to 59 minutes, you can watch it now on Netflix.


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